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AX 12 report.~ [Jul. 7th, 2012|10:52 pm]
Wow! It's been some time hasn't it!? Sorry I haven't been around I have moved on to other sites.~ Message me if you would like to know! ^o^ But I will however have my AX blogs here every year along side an AX video blog every year on my youtube account. :3

So yeah, this IS an AX blog. 8D But I'll catch you up on a few things.~ 1) My job has kept me busy but that's a good thing! I'm so happy they kept me even though they fired/scared off so many ppl. ;A; 2) I made an abridge of Smile Percure, then it got token down with 45,000 viwes! xD; It had mostly views from old men in Japan. xD; But A lot of ppl liked my voice acting! So much so, I was scouted for a fanmade project of the first All star movie for Percure. :3 That was neat! Made me have a little bit of hope for voice acting. Just a little. ^^;

3)I didn't finish the Yenpress manga I wanted to send off to them but it did make it into the back of *The World Stops* Vol 3! *o* 4) I got my sowing mechanic finally fixed so I can make things again! ;v; 5)Finally got vol 3 done with! It was a mad rush though! x_____x

So on to the AX report.~

Day 0

Took the train/ bus there! And my sister tagged along. That was wired. =A= It was also odd I stayed with ppl I didn't know before. But they where fans of my work so I was happy enough to stay with them and thankful! On the way getting the badge, we saw a bum sleeping on the floor. ._. It was scary! But the walk was MUCH nicer then any other year I was there...Well, aside from the hotels closer. ^^; I also spent most of the time hot gluing the backings to the bows and making bracelets. though I HIGHLY doubted any one would buy them.

Day 1

I didn't bring all my manga cause at this point I knew they won't sell out.^^; But I spent two days before AX sewing bows! So I had a bunch of bows to sell over there. But I had no idea how much would be sold. So I took all of them. @_@ 2 big bags of them! I also didn't know what price to make them so I asked around before everything was open. And 6 bucks sounded just about right. Boy was it ever! o__o Once the doors open, things where slow, but after an hour I got my first sale and it didn't stop! It was crazy! People where buying bows! ;v; I am so happy to see all that hard work pay off! It was even more so awesome seeing ppl wearing them! >w< And it did manage to make ppl stop and see what I had to offer! I'm still so jazzed! They didn't have my favorite manga booth this year, so I bought a few lager onimes of manga I had my eye on for some time now. So that was awesome. :3

Day 2

I didn't expect to make any sales but I bought the same amount of things. Wouldn't you know it! At the end of the day I almost sold out of brackets! O_O Also very happy I made smaller bows for a cheaper price. :3 God knows how much I love cheaper cuter things, I was hopping other ppl would like that too. And someone bought my manga on this day too! *o* I was so happy! >w< Then I meet this girl from Canada! She was sweet.~ She wasn't having such a good time though. D: But she bought 2 of the smaller bows cause she lost one of her green bows for her cosplay. D: She was really nice! She even tipped me! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A TIP JAR! HOW DOSE THIS HAPPEN!? ;A; I didn't eat for most of the day so I was starving! Sales where good enough so I went out to eat with friends I haven't seen in a year now. But we stayed out till 2am! My roomies.... ;v; Almost didn't open the door. When I finally got into the room......The person I was sharing the bed ....didn't move....... ;v;........For 30ish mins I was sleeping on the floor with no blankest. OTL That's what I get. sigh. I actually lost my badge on this day RIGHT after dealers hall closed. OTL So I had to buy a new badge. way to go me.

Day 3

I sold a lot more manga this time around!~ ^o^ Even had a person tip me and asked if I could sigh them! ;A; I WAS SO HAPPY! I don't know what was better, Those heartcatch cosplayers, or that.... (They are on the same level....FOR SURE!)And the girl from Canada came back! She's was not having that good a time. And she didn't have anyone to hang out with. I wanted to shop for an hour, so I asked her if she wanted to hang out for a bit. :3 So we did.~ But I was really suppose to hang out with Hane! >____< No matter how many times I call her or she called me we couldn't reach each other! So half an hour in we finally got to call each other and then hang out. I bought a LOT of manga! >w< I saved so much money! I haven't been shopping for manga in almost a year! x___x But yeah! It was magical!~~~ But the Xgame .......Ugh! It was like we had to sneak into our own con. 5_5 I came to the hotel early this time around and ate fast food.~ It was a day of rest.~

Day 4

Last DAY!~~~ I had to have everything back the day before.~ SO I did that...But there is one thing I forgot......My sell phone! ;A; I left it charging! And I needed it too cause my sister needed help getting to LA. sigh, but that worked out. ;v; I sold a lot more books this day! ;A; I was so happy! And I almost sold out of bows! @A@ It was CRAZY! Also got to do two commissions. ;v; I bought a lot more manga this time too.~ Then I saw the Galaxxxy booth! They had AMAZING clothing! So I bought a shirt. But they didn't give me the right kind. OTL But they where cool enough, I'll let it slid. ;~; They liked my fish bag after all. And so.....It was time to go home. That was fun!!!!

Best AX Artist Alley wise for me! +____+ Broke even and then some!

In other news, I heard a cretin person ran out of fanart and used old art of mine on their blog. I don't go to their blog to see these kind of things but if they would like my attention, I'm right here. If they forgiven me I don't see why they can't talk to me like an adult instead of blabbing about me in their blog about how. Wouldn't it make more since to let the person know they "forgiven me" or something. *rises eyebrow.* Then again, either way you look at it, it would feel too.Upish. What a strange person. They know my email. After all they ran away from me after I talk to them like a person I would work with in person. Sorry I know my limits of knowing who to be good friends with and those who are just co-workers I give friendly smiles to in a professional matter. I have forgive that person by not bothering them. I am, as I see fit for everyone. Perfect.~ End of story, yo.~ Not like anyone reads my blog to know. =v=

Look forward to my manga review thing......I will not let you down. :3
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RANDOM! 8D [Nov. 19th, 2011|05:25 pm]
http://www.bronyland.com/pony-personality-test/?q=MTMyMHwxNTg0Nw!! I usually get Rarity So this is a good thing.....I think? 8D;
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LOL it always figures~ [Sep. 27th, 2011|11:26 am]
Internet is down at my house again. Don't know when the next time I can update. D: Anyways, I shall miss you all in the mean time. ^__^
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EVERY DAY PoN PON WAY WAY WAY WAY!~ [Sep. 12th, 2011|02:02 pm]

Hey there all!~ Did you miss me? ;v; LOL Anyways,~ This is now my personal blog if you didn't know. I shall talk about random not so drawing things here. xD;

Lets get to it.~

They have some pretty toy jewelery at the dollar store. ;v; So I bought some.~ *is such a dork*

Went to little tokyo the other day.~~~ Picked up some stuff. <3 I was so sad this was there though! ;A;

So then I went shopping for food. C:
I love this green tea. <3 I haven't had it for w few months so I was missing it. ;v;

I love miso soup but it's so hard to find over here for cheap then I found these! 78cents for a single severing! *-* I'm all for the single severing! So I got about a weeks worth since I knew after this trip to little tokyo I'll have almost no money left. xD;;; I say it was worth it. C:

LOL I got me some Lucky sticks.~ I hadn't had any since I quite school. o,o I was surprised how much I finished the cappuccino flavor. @_@ It tasted like butterscotch. *3* I got pocky on sale at CVS yesterday.~ Comparing them to lucky Sticks... Lucky Stick is a lot more thicker. *Shurgs* They all taste good. <3

And here is my brother's cat.~ She is...... nice and needs a lot of space. If you understand that about her then she will love you lots.~ xD; *Took about a year for me to understand that....Or maybe It was the cat food in my room that won her over... Oh well. xD;;;

I also made an Utau.~

I'm not done with her, but that's what I have of her. xD;;; LOL It sucks. <3 But she can say Hello, so I'm content. xDDDDDDD

I shall update my drawing blog tomorrow~ Sorry for the wait everyone! I'm still trying to pick a good day to resume updates there. x_x
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Day 3 and 4 of ANime Expo 11 [Jul. 11th, 2011|09:51 pm]
Anime Expo day 3 -

I was feeling happy! I was early to the shuttles and everything! But for some reason....I felt, like super bad about my art. @____@ Maybe being around all these wonderful talented ppl got to me... but...geh!... Just so down! x___x Well, ontop of not finding my paint brush I needed to make commissions that is. So I had to finger paint an art gift I been wanting to make for ages for a friend in the artist Alley. As for my stupid un-cofedent, I'm usually good sucking it up when it comes to this kind of thing so I was just going to let my emotion run it's course. During setting up again Reus told me he was on Dream. He told me the subject matter of that night he was on and it made me happy that they tired talking to him in there own way to get to him. I acted clueless about it though...Nor did I say I was on Dream the other night before in case he thought I had anything to do with them talking like that. x__x I mean, I did but I told them not to tell him anything....I was...... just kind of happy they tired to get him to notice....Soon after that chat Hane showed up early! Like, the hall didn't even open early! @o@ Here's where things got fuzzy for me....

I forget what came first but I will start with this.... I was at the table and Reus and Hane was not there. But a "customer" came by and looked at the booth and we both said Hi nicely. He the grabed Reus's card and I told him I have a card too.... but he said, "I'll take the color one." and he left......... what? he just tried this whole table like it was mine when there was "kind of clearly" 2 ppl at the table....And he was talking at me.....Wouldn't it be polite to just take my card too other then just assume both cards are mine or Just him saying I like this side of the table? Anything would have been more polite then just say what he just said. How depressing on top of my lack self-cofendents that day.

When Hane and Reus came back I was a fire hazard again...... Since this was Hane's last day at the con I wanted her to sell like crazy. So I let her sell for most of the day. But yeah... Not even 10 mins from the time they got back I started to tear up like a dork. D: So I left to eat an orange....As much as I wanted to sell I couldn't. u_u That customer that came by really got to me. Is that what other ppl see too??? Just... All of Reus's side of the table? I didn't know what to do.... So I shopped some more. u_u Got to shop a couple of t-shirts.~~ But the Dealers hall seemed so full of ppl! It was hard to walk! even more so then the last few years! x___x I hate feeling crowed so I shopped in artist Alley some more. A lot of stuff I wanted to help support but I had no money for such things. >____< So the rest of the con I just stayed in the back of the table like a dork. :B Hane left at 5 after a bow(Cute!~~~ <3 ) And I had to leave not soon after her cause Sonia and I had a panel to get to that we both DO NOT miss every year~ xD;

At 5:15 I left Reus alone. I wanted to sell some more. but this panel.... I love it so much!(Even though laste year it kind of sucked. xD; ) And I didn't get to see a lot of panels this year. =3= So yeah, meet up with Sonia in line. C: We ate Turkey meat. :B Then we got into the panel room~~~ The sound of the future Panel was awesome this year cause the cosplayers they had reading the lines where in characters, yet, at the same time, they didn't look like they knew what they where reading. xDDDDDD Sonia and I were amused. <3 The videos they showed at the panel... sigh.... every year they show different songs that are new... but this year.... I, mean. they had new songs.... But they were all to those darn Mikumiku dance thing. >,> YUCK! Oh well~ As long as one of my favored composer got more love~~ I was also very jazzed they subtitle the songs this year! *-* Even the song I faved last year!~~~ I love the song even more now. <3

After the panel Sonia walked me to the shuttles then she left me alone......... *Shivers* Story time...... So I was in line and this random dude from another line came over and talked at me. I of cousre talked back to make him leave... all was to plan....BUT HE CAME BACK! @________@ He asked me if I had a business card. (I told him I was having a hard time in artist Alley from the question he asked me about how's the con going. ) Uh... I gave him one... then he asked me if I had any pics of the art. @_@ So I showed him vol 1....He looked though it.....And touched it.........a....lot......as he rubbed his nose one time........... *Shivers*...Then he gave me the book back.........And here's the part where it gets more "WHY ME GOD?!"..... He asked if I had a boyfriend. (Yeah....But not to worry!) And I then said to him, " God said something along the lines of, there are ppl meant to be married and there are those who are ment to be single. I am a person ment to be single forever." He said I shouldn't say that but I told him it was true. o,o So then I guess he got kind of fazzled and asked what was that ring doing on my left ring finger. =v=(That is my shield from ppl like him... but I guess it didn't work? )I told him it was a promise ring to stay single forever.....So then he left..... ._____.b Mission complete! Could not get off my shuttle any faster. 5__5

I got to the hotel but my roomes weren't there. It has been a long time since I was in a hotel room by myself. <3 I do love a quite place where I can make dinner in peace.~~~~ But when I tried to make dinner I couldn't find my my Ramen. D< So I had to eat my breakfast for the next day. fu~ fu~ >3< After that I went on to Dream and chatted a bit more. They really got me thinking that the table was really off balance. It got me angry! So I was going to give Reus a piece of my mind the next day. I couldn't hold back any longer!

ANime Expo day 4-

So getting over to the convention center all seemed so much like a daily thing by now. So I got there uber early. Reus was no where in site! I was about to change up the table. but I really wanted to record for the video blog. ^^;;;; When I got back to the table he was there already. x_x No question, no nothing. he took down the club house before anything! @________@ Was he a mind reader?! No.. his reasoning was that he didn't want ppl to bow down to us or something... Cause, that's what everyone one thinks when they want to look at art at a table..... =__= So I went with it. I didn't want to really start something or hurt his feelings or something. I liked how the table looked! Much better! We got a lot more ppl looking at the art!.........

The new table look! We should have done this sooner! @_@

Though during taking down the the play house Reus asked me a question that was ....very market-E...."So, What is your marketing plan for your manga?" ....What?! Is this, like, from me not being there that last hour the other day???? He must have tired to sell my manga to be nice. @_@; So I told him, " I don't have one. I print manga cause it's easy for me to do so. And if ppl want to enjoy my work and support me at the same time. then they can." Yeah.....

Back to being at the finished table..... He not only started to sell his work, but mine... WAIT, WUT!? I had to put a stop to this! So I told him to just sell his stuff. My art should speak for it's self. He then tried selling my work again and I had to tell him the same thing over again... I guess he felt bad??? Or something else to feel the need to want to do this to my stuff. @___@ .....He stopped after that..... Some random guy bought rues and my manga so I was happy! ^o^ I wanted to add in a sellers pitch to let him know if he bought vol two he gets free keychains. But that would be a little much. x_x

Oh yeah! They had this one guy who came by and showed me some of his cute OCs randomely. ^o^ He also gave me some. *A* I was so happy! I had no idea why though. o,o Sure was nice of him. But then he didn't talk to Reus at all so I asked Reus if he wanted one of the cute characters.... He took the cute pinkfluffly girl with the hair. ;3; Well... uh.... So last hour of con... I told Reus... that he sounded to bussness-man like. That he needs to be more friendly with the customer... Cause.... into-ing yourself SCREAMS trying too hard at a con is what I meant. x___x But I guess he took it the wrong way. I felt bad. Anyways, the guy that gave me his OCs came back to help take down the tape on my side off the table! How nice! oAo .... So that was cool, but when I wanted to thank him he left......So.... uh... yeah.....

Oh! Before artist Alley closed I bought the items I had my eye on for some time at the con. ;v;

We then had an awkward car ride to Sonia place.~~~ Then they dropped me off at home. @o@ And so ends another Anime Expo. x___x So much for that....Only made 62-ish dollars, not bad, but not good either. u__u Next year, I shall have to try and get my own table! +___+
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Lets stop being lazy! Long AX report days 0,1, and 2 [Jul. 11th, 2011|03:35 pm]
Hi there everyone! I have a lot to tell about AX and only so much to show, Hope I don't boar you with me boring-ness!

ANime Expo day 0-
I woke up early to finish up a few things like cutting business cards and packing some more. I forgot to pack my pink wig. D: Also almost forgot my mom's cell phone....Though, I thought I was going to take my sister's phone... they gave me mom's... Geh! And I already gave my friends my sister's number! x___x *fails* Anyways, I was worried that my junk was not going to fit into Greg's car but he HAD A FLIPPEN VAN!!!!!!! *JOY!* So That was amazing. But I feel sad for his car that died. D:

So anyways, When we went to pick up Sonia the cops blocked off the road to her house cause someone robbed a bank..... FIGURES!.... So we had to walk to pick up Sonia. We chilled there for bathroom brakes. xD;; And then I learned Sonia had an extra Miku ticket cause her sister couldn't make it....... *_________* I was FLOORED! But, Greg wanted the ticket cause she didn't have a lot of money to pay for things. x__x I was... so sad... D:

And then ~~~~ We got to the fancy hotel!~~~ We waited for the rest of the room mates to come so we talked about how they see lunch box kids as a type 1 fan and how there are 3 types of fan in anime&manga! Very interesting stuff!~ ^o^...So they finally came and got into the room it was so FANCY! The room was to spaced out! And it had so much space for food with! *o* It was amazing! Sadly I could not stay with them this year. D: *fails*


Then it was time to wait in line. C: I didn't know if it was ok to stay in the artist Alley line cause I didn't fill it out "on time" >,> but I waited anyways.They let me register there! ;v; I was so happy! It was such a quick line too! but... I didn't know what to do after that. ._. .....So I waited with my friends in the long line. :3 ...(Cause Greg said he wanted to order pizza when they got back to the hotel... I want pizza! D: ) After they got there badges Greg ordered Pizza as some British dude! 8DDDDDDDDD I WAS AMUSED! And then They dropped me off at my hotel... I for sure thought the AX site said the shuttles ran on day 0 this year. D: *fails*

In comparing to the fancy hotel to the hotel I was staying at......... I FELT LIKE THE ELEVATOR WAS GOING TO BRAKE AT ANY MOMENT!!!!! ;A; ....But yeah! I got my first sales in the hotel room cause my brother's girl friend wanted some keychains. C: All in all pretty awesome! And a pretty awesome tiring day! x__x

ANime Expo Day 1-

WOKE UP LATE! MY ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Rushed to get out of the hotel by 6:45! A backpack really helped this year! Ok.... it was a long walk to the shuttles back no pain to gain. xD; Plus, I needed to work out. :9 When I got to the Wisher hotel the Shuttle wasn't there yet~ But one other dude was waiting there too. So I wasn't late at all.phew! When the shuttle came... The Shuttle driver said he didn't work the shuttle 2 route before. x_x .....We..... got a little lost. 8D;;;; Anyways, we got to the convention center at 7:30-ish... and then I ended up waiting for the time to set up, I took the time to wait for Reus by eating food in the food court. C: Red bean buns ARE AMAZING!

When Reus came he had a lot of stuff..... ans it still wasn't time to go in so we chatted.....will, no... I think I was talking a lot more then him. @_@a But anyways, he had a lot of stuff and a rolly suite case......And they said rolly suite cases were not allowed. x_x I was worried cause of that..... The Dealers in the hall were NOT allowed to roll there stuff in the dealers hall... so the artiest Alley having rolly suite cases where not fair to them. D: I felt bad. D: But uh... yeah... the tables didn't have numbers so we gussestmated on where we would be. xD; And then out poped his "club house". o,o I thought it was going to be 3 squares high... two would be too small by any standard! @_@ But.. I went with it cause it was cute. By the time we got done setting up the dealers hall was open for the 11:00clockers badges to come in. x_x So... I didn't have time to look at the booth from the out side.


But then I noticed from this year and last year. By 11:00 last year, we got ppl looking at out table and looking at the art and the table..... But this year, we had some ppl looking mainly at the table itself. o,o I thought it was just, you know, wait it out, see when more ppl came by they will look at the art and stuff. Ok, no biggy.... But then Hane came around 3! I was so happy to see her! ^o^ though It was hard setting up her stuff, I tired to make as much room for her as I could. I asked her before con about where she will leave her things, and she said,"In front of me. xD" How vage! D: So I made sure to leave the space in front as empty as I could with my free coloring sheets. x__x I don't think I made a differences. @__@ So sorry Hane! ;___;

Now I forgot to add this part in.... When ppl came to the table Reus was first to say something right after the "hello!*smile~ glimmer~glimmer~*" And which always started with an intro and "would to take a serve-A to get a free manga?" I was like, "How will customer look at our stuff if they are taking this thing?! @___@" in my head.... And then he just gave his book away along with more stuff of his! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!?Just the thought of coming here just to lose more money? Was this a joke to him? On top of that his selling pitcher were too business like. x_x For a person.In an artiest ally. At an anime convention. to sound bussniessy?.... That just drive these kind of ppl away. You have to treat these ppl not only like customer but friends since we like the same thing basically. That part stressed me out the most.... u__u On top of, trying to get a word in......Oh! Speaking of trying to get a word in.... something that sticks out in my mind the most..... was when Reus ALREADY intored him self to a customer.... and she was about to pick up one of my books..... he then said something to her that made her go back to his side. HE DOSE NOT SEE WHAT HE IS DOING?! @_@ really?....really..... 5_5

Since things where a little stuffy at the table... and I been there all day.... I thought it was time to go shop a little more and to drop off my manga I bought at AX. x_x I had a whole bunch and there was NO way I was going to go to the artiest Alley miser with all that OR walk to my hotel at night with all that! So I tired shopping but it was so hard to walk around or look! x____x So I just went to the shuttles..............GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH..... THE SHUTTLES.......

This is all the manga I had to drag back to my hotel....Geh!

They had ppl on the bus already on top of a line. x_x Lucky for me some ppl got off the bus and line cause they figured it was much faster to walk. I would have done the same... But like I said, I had a lot of manga with me. x_x And I would have gone back to the artist alley to sell but no one was going to help me back to the hotel..... So I had to get it done right then and there no matter the wait! So when the shuttle guy came he told everyone to get off the buss and he left. ._. ......awesome....... So and AX staffer asked on of the other shuttles to take rout 2... Thank goodness! ;A; After being dropped off I walked to my hotel.... It brought back some bad memories of 2 years ago of walking back and forth from that hotel to the convention center with no help and a lot to carry.......All I will say........Pant-less man.

Ok, so when I got to the hotel it was 4:19..... I put my stuff on the floor and flopped on a bed and started crying cause I'm a dork. D: I don't know what came over me, but I started complaining to God about a lot of things about the con so far and that I was sorry for being a dork...... So stressful. u_u After a good 5 or 6 mins of crying like a dork I got ready to venture out again feeling a little better but tired. I thought I felt better but I guess I did look it since I ran into my long time friend before going back into the dealers fall. He asked me what was wrong @o@ I was shocked but then I started to tear up!(WTF girly emotions!?) So I told him I was fine and fast walked it to AA. When I got back to Artist Alley Things seemded the same. o,o

So then Hane left a little less before the dealers hall was going to close. So then closing time Reus said he was going to get something to eat and then go to the mixer. I would have done the same if I had a closer hotel like him. xD;;; So I just got some water and left for the mixer. The mixer was tiny.~~~ But it was a super nice place to rest. So I took the chance to sleep a little bit before Reus came. When sleeping, I remembered how badly it went that day. I was a little cheezzed off at Reus but I didn't know how to say it... or for what really. u,u IDK.... So when Reus did show up he was like, "what do we do." And I was like, "You, go network. I'll sleep. I'm tired." So he looked a bit nervous about doing so, but he did. I didn't feel like dealing with him. u_ua So I slept a little more and then.....

Someone wanted to talk to me! I was amazed and talked back. ;v; We didn't talk about much, then another person talked to me. Everyone was so nice! ;A; And someone showed me a pretty dolly! *o* It was nice!~~ But then something even more amazing happend. This was one of the many things that made my day along with the Heart catch pretty Cure cosplyers. ;v; ......


But aside from them......at the Mixer some guys came in... They came by and started to talk with me.... Then they asked what I do... I don't like showing my manga around... But if I don't show it ppl think it's just a self-published 10ish manga published though Lulu. D: So I had no chose.... I showed my manga to them and they were amazed. That got me off guard. I didn't know these guys until that day. These guys were so talented and for them to say It was amazing to make everything at home wowed them. They also said something like this made by a the creator or the story is something very rare... that once If and when I might go pro these manga I have now will be collectors item. I, never looked at any of what I did like this before. No one has ever told me. I always thought that my stuff was trash when I made them cause anyone can make it given the know how. And I probable just didn't do a good job on making them either... Some pages were just too uneven here and there. but looking at each book closely. They all are different one way or another no matter how hard I tired to make them the same. No page has gone un-touched by me. u,u This was all.... such amazing thoughts they brought up! They really cheered me up!

After the mixer I didn't know what to do. o,o I didn't want to go back to the hotel just yet. What a wast of con time and night life time!~~ So I went to look for a panel that seemed interesting.Nothing looked interesting. =,= So I went to a panel I thought Greg might be in... But I didn't see him around the panel room. I didn't want to seem rude either so I stayed for the ending bits of the panel. Then they started a new panel that was interesting! I had no idea they had a panel like this this year! It was basically the rise and downfall of Tokyo Pop. C: I recorded the panel~~~ But it was mostly the history of TP.... Still interesting~ ^_^ From there I went to the shuttles and walked to my hotel again. But when I got there Taku was waiting for the pizza guy in the lobby from the pizza he ordered for us for dinner.(YESOMG!) But it turns out the pizza guy came up to our door room(creepy) So I had to pay then. >3> He, of course, payed me back. I was on Dream that night and talked to them about how things where going. u,u then it was sleepy nighty nighty time.~~~

ANime Expo day 2 -

The walk to the shuttle was a bit more tiring this day. I think it was the shirt I was waring. x___x strangling me. x__x I missed the shuttle that day too I believe. *fails.* xD;;; But I just got on the next one. ^_^ Reus was already at the table when I got there. It was really the same that day... all but that Hana was going to get there late that is. But it's funny..... I was feeling happy this day but tired, like, really happy and felt like things would change! but... like... right when I got to the table.... I started getting a headache.... like... REALLY badly! x___x'" I couldn't think that day! I really had to make a happy face this day and suck it up to get sales. x__x I made a sale so I was happy! But Reus, It didn't look like he was getting any sales at all. x__x I felt bad up until he started giving his manga again..... "Why not just throw them at ppl to take them?" I thought. x___x But... I had no time to be mean or compete with his intro bussnessman talk. I had to stay positive , look happy, and also look like I'm working on something interesting when customer come by......

I drew on the shirt that was a free-Bee with the AX badge. 8D; What did I draw on it? I wonder? ........

I got the idea from Sonia. She drew on a t-shirt to ware at the Miku concert. So I did the same since, Greg didn't want the ticket after all. ;v; Thank you so much Greg! Thank you Sonia! ;A; Sonia wanted to give the ticket to me in the first place but the whole Greg thing..... They were on awkward terms the whole con. D: I was a little worried at times.... Uh... anyways..... I GOT TO SEE MIKU "LIVE"! *O* *Checks Miku concert off the buck list.* Sure we sat nose bleed seats, but who could complain since this is kind of a once in a life time kind of thing. *__* I did buy glow sticks for Sonia and me.... but I left them in the hotel room!FIGURES! So I used my cellphone like a dork. D: Sonia would have used her but she didn't want to drop it. (She's good at that. 8D;; ) IT WAS AMAZING! LENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Also! Miku sang two songs in ENGLISH! I was flooord! Popipo second cousre was in English and then Miku and Luka sang World's End ALL in English! *o* It was epic cause I got to sing along word for word... or from what I remember. *-* I tried to learn that song in english to make a cover of it one day. ;v; I never in a million years knew it would come in handy like this! *A* Killer concert! So worth 15 bucks! I got to pay Sonia back some how! >__<

Oh! But here a story to tell. xDDDD after the concert we rushed out to get ourselves a few Miku butt-cushion and poster. But there was a line and we where at the cut off point. Se we stock around to hang out with the Toyota guy at the end of the line just in case we might get one. xD; But the! a Nokia "guard" came and said that everyone should keep moving. Few ppl left the line after he said that. Oh, here's the good part. Sonia and I didn't leave....... =v=....... That made the Nokia "guard" angry. So He started getting up in my face....(what?!) So I asked him why we needed to keep moving and he just said we needed to keep moving.....Then I got a little mad and told him he would just have to let the ppl behind us the same thing and then the ppl behind them. (We are Voicaloid fans darn it. We pay a lot for stupid voicaloid things...Getting something for free of it shall not go un-passed up.) So I lol and said I will just walk around in a circle. =P So Sonia and I stalked the line until the line got short enough to jump in. xDDDD Ans gosh darn it we got ourselves a Miku butt-thingy. xDDDD As for the poster they ran out.... Until this one gril in front of us was asking for a Miku poster .... the person said all she had was the ripped posters. The girl in front of us got one.... but then Sonie and I over heard and asked if we could have a ripped poster too. =v= So we got our selves a ripped Miku poster that doesn't look too bad for being ripped. :3 As we walked back to the hotel we thumbed up the Toyota guy. 8DDD He was rooting for us. xD And we then also saw the Nokia guard still talking too ppl in the "line" of ppl that still wanted a poster and Miku butt-thing to keep moving. We loled... All in all a good day thanks to the Miku concert. <3

Miku Poster and Butt-thingy~~~ :B

The walk back to the shuttles and too the hotel felt longer then EVER! x____x When I got to my room I crashed so hard it wasn't even funny.... Woke up at 4 in the morning to my bother watching Ben 10 or something... IDK... I went back to bed, darn it. x___xa

Day 3 -...I will get to that tommrow. @_@
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Freinds only yo [Jul. 9th, 2007|11:52 pm]

I'll friend you only if I know you in person or I know you more then a year online. That way I REALLY know who you are. :3
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